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Art Express Kids - Holiday Club

Run most holidays check the calendar for details

Invitation months operate for scholars and students over holiday periods. As many students are away during those times scholars are welcome to book one of those places for the short period over the holidays.

Holiday Club Programme ? December 2012

Classes are open to students on Holiday Daily on the following basis:

?         One or two hour lessons   

?         Mornings

?         Full day (Artist for a Day)

About Artist for a day 

?  Ideal for busy parents with children at home in the holidays

?  Drop your child before you go to work and pick them up after work

?  Bring a packed lunch

?  Juice and muffins will be provided for teas

?  A day structured around art based activities see website for options

?  Ideal for groups

Daily menu of activity options include:

Stop animation project (8 ? teens ideal for groups)

As this is a specialised programme it is essential that it be conducted on its own day

Proposed Dates for Stop Animation: Monday 10 December, Wednesday 12 December

Clay Crazy

Artist for a Day participants would build and paint using under glazes.

Note work will be retained for firing which takes about two weeks depending on how full the kilns are.

Skills based activities e.g.

o   Pinch pot animals

o   Slab built figures

o   Cylinder vessels

o   Carved Relief tiles

o   Clay shoes

o   Mask mania

Themed art projects (these activities can be adjusted to suit various ages)

?         Ideal for Artist for a Day programme or a series of lessons

?         Skills based, Fun, stimulating

?         Activities broken into a series of manageable steps, and scaffolded to cater to the needs of different age groups

o   I am a knight / princess / warrior / super hero/ine (6 ? 12 years)

o   Design your own comic character and environment then tell the story

Great Artist Inspired Projects e.g.

o   Plan and paint a canvas (artists are chosen to suit the age and interest of the child)

o   Pop Art Inspirations ? (6 ? teens)


Art Courses or Workshops

focus on specific areas of interest:

Tasks are set that encourage the use of specific creative and technical skills. These tasks are set with both the beginner and advanced student in mind. The beginner will deal with issues that are appropriate to their skill level without feeling threatened while the advanced student will be challenged and pushed to grow their skills and creative thinking.

See the calendar s for details of upcoming events such as:

Art for Absolute Beginners

Contrary to popular belief, anyone can learn to draw and paint. This programme focuses on foundational skills. Exersises have been and tried and tested over years and are based on Right Brain Principles.  

    • Drawing on the Right hand side of the Brain
    • form and colour - Pastel and paint

Clay Crazy workshops for absolute beginners

  • 6 weeks
  • An introduction to clay work.
  • Basic skills such as pinching, joining, slabbing are extended into sculptural projects

Land - Issues

  • 6 Weeks
  • Introduction to landscape, colour and form
  • or an extension of landscape principles into something richer and deeper

Head and Shoulders

  • A series of four  3 hour workshops
  • intended to develop a deep structural awareness of head and shoulders.
  • One of the greatest difficulties experienced by fledgling portraitists is a lack of depth in teir work. I believe that a really strong portrait has its origins in an understanding of the structure of the head and shoulders

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